We plan to make us cheapest and most trustful Social Media Marketing service supplier

1kview services

• We are provider and also seller of some services on market. If services are under our own management, it has 1kview team service on name. We recommend using those, as directly support you. Most of them can be partialed

• Services are authentic, we have some places are cloning them, and has cheaper price also, but quality is a matter. Customers are very sensitive and they know what to use

• We prefer long term services, of course, it is stable but some changes is undefendable, we list in 2 places: Description or Daily update (bell in the corner), price is rarely, but sometimes edited and you can follow on Service changes. Smm industry always change and issues raised, unlike many panels, we only keep working services and update description or issues regularly. Service from other places that take middle process to solve if have an issue, we will solve under you and provider's solution

• 1kview based on perfect panel, so if you are using perfect panel, 1kview is convenient as it sync well everything within a system

• We do not guarantee the time to complete the order. We only give the most accurate estimate possible of run time and speed / completion

1kview support

      Zalo: 84832468000 

        Skype: 1kview support 

          Whatsapp: +84832468000 

           Address: 180 Tay Mo, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi, Vietnam

          • You can send issues on above contacts or direct message us. You can add on Group also. We have no other help accounts, all support staffs use same account

          • We reply your query in almost some hours, and some cases less, or a few more rarely by main and understanding admins. We work all days (include vacation and weekend), we have own way to reply in order so try not to resend / call or send on duplicate issues, on another place, all of it will cause slower reach or duplicate resolve actions

          • For our own services, some services can instantly solved, some may need a few hours if need more technical actions. So we recommend allow 24-48h before you check if issue was solved, in some case such as bulk IDs or update, may need a few more time but we will solve our best due to customer's request to satisfy your clients 

          • We never leave or miss any of your messages until all solved.

          Users should read and follow rules of website and service. If you continuously require unreasonable and against already mentioned things, your account may be locked

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