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What games can be monetised on YouTube without getting copyrighted?

Monetizing games on YouTube without getting copyrighted can be challenging, as most games are copyrighted material. However, there are some ways to monetize gameplay videos without infringing on copyright laws:

Create original content: Create your own games, mods, or levels to showcase on your channel. This way, you own the copyright to the content, and there's no risk of copyright infringement.

Use royalty-free music: If you want to use music in your videos, make sure it's royalty-free, meaning you have permission to use it without paying any fees. There are many websites that offer royalty-free music, such as Epidemic Sound, AudioJungle, and PremiumBeat.

Obtain permission: If you want to use copyrighted material, such as game footage or music, reach out to the copyright holder and ask for permission to use it in your videos. You can also search for games that have a creative commons license or games that explicitly allow content creators to use their game footage without any restrictions.

Add commentary: Adding commentary to gameplay videos can transform them into original content, making them less likely to be flagged for copyright infringement.

Focus on indie games: Indie games are often more open to content creation and may not have as strict copyright policies as larger game developers. You can also reach out to indie game developers and ask for permission to create content using their games.

Overall, it's important to do your research and make sure you're not infringing on anyone's copyright. Follow the guidelines provided by YouTube and be sure to credit the original creators when necessary.

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