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Where can I get copyright-free videos to upload on YouTube?

Copyright-Free Videos

Copyright-Free Videos

There are several websites where you can find copyright-free or Creative Commons licensed videos that you can use for uploading on YouTube without worrying about copyright issues. Here are some popular platforms:

  • YouTube - YouTube itself provides a Creative Commons library where you can find videos that you're allowed to reuse. When searching on YouTube, you can filter your search results by "Creative Commons" under the "Filter" option.
  • Pixabay - Pixabay offers a wide range of high-quality videos that are released under the Pixabay License, which makes them free to use without attribution for commercial purposes.
  • Pexels Videos - Pexels Videos provides free stock footage that you can use for any purpose, including commercial. All videos are under the Pexels license, which allows for free use.
  • Videvo - Videvo offers a mix of free and premium stock footage. Many videos on Videvo are free to use, but you might need to attribute the creator in some cases.
  • Coverr - Coverr provides beautiful and free stock videos for commercial use. The videos are high quality and can be downloaded without any cost.
  • Vimeo - Some Vimeo users offer their videos under a Creative Commons license, allowing for free use. You can find these videos by searching for "Free HD Stock Footage" on Vimeo.

Remember to check the specific licensing terms for each video on these platforms to ensure compliance with their usage requirements. Even if a video is free to use, some creators may require attribution, and it's essential to respect those terms.

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