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Scam Awareness

Be Aware of These Common Scams

  1. Cheap Travel Packages: Scammers offer cheap travel packages to steal money and personal information.
  2. Deep-Fake, Deep-Voice Video Calls: Using AI to create fake videos and images of relatives or friends to ask for urgent money transfers.
  3. Fake Transfer Receipts: Scammers make large purchases online and use software to create fake bank transfer receipts.
  4. Impersonating Medical Staff: Call to inform that a relative is in critical condition and needs urgent surgery money.
  5. Child Model Recruitment: Using social media to lure parents into paying fees for their children to become models.
  6. SIM Card Lock Notification: Call to inform that your SIM card will be locked unless you follow their instructions, leading to personal data theft.
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  7. Fake Financial Companies: Offering loans with low interest rates and simple procedures but requiring advance fees.
  8. Installing Gambling and Loan Apps: Tricking victims into installing apps that steal personal information.
  9. Fake Websites: Creating fake websites that resemble legitimate businesses to steal personal information.
  10. Fake SMS Brand Names: Using fake BTS transmitters to send fraudulent messages to steal personal information.
  11. Investment Scams: Encouraging victims to invest in fake stock markets, cryptocurrencies, or MLM schemes.
  12. Online Recruitment Scams: Offering "easy, high-paying" jobs and impersonating major e-commerce platforms to steal money.
  13. Social Media Account Hacking: Hacking Facebook or WhatsApp accounts to send messages to friends and family asking for money.
  14. Impersonating Authorities: Pretending to be police, prosecutors, or judges to intimidate victims and steal money.
  15. Selling Fake Products Online: Advertising and selling counterfeit or low-quality products on e-commerce platforms and social media.
  16. Identity Theft for Loans: Stealing ID information to apply for credit in the victim's name.
  17. Fake Bank Transfer Mistakes: Sending money to a victim’s bank account by mistake and then requesting its return.
  18. Fake Recovery Services: Pretending to offer services to recover lost money and requesting advance payment or personal information.
  19. Telegram OTP Theft: Creating fake Telegram accounts to steal OTPs and access victims' accounts.
  20. Fake Call Alerts: Informing victims about fake call charges and stealing personal information through false guidance.
  21. Fake Facebook Recovery Services: Advertising services to recover Facebook accounts and asking for deposits and personal information.
  22. Phishing Links and Seeding: Creating fake bank or service websites to steal personal information.
  23. Lottery Number Tips: Encouraging victims to play the lottery and pay a commission.
  24. Romance and Financial Scams: Using social media and dating apps to build romantic relationships and then asking for money or investments.

Please read through and share this information to help others stay informed and avoid falling victim to these scams.

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