Some equipment and free software recommendations for a beginner YouTuber

Camera: You can start with your smartphone camera or invest in a budget-friendly camera like the Canon EOS M50 Mark II, Sony ZV-1, or Panasonic Lumix G7.

Microphone: Audio quality is crucial for YouTube videos. You can get a budget-friendly lapel or shotgun mic like the Rode VideoMicro, Boya BY-M1, or TAKSTAR SGC-598.

Lighting: Good lighting can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your videos. You can use natural light or get a budget-friendly ring light or softbox kit.

Tripod: A stable base for your camera or smartphone is essential for getting steady shots. You can get a budget-friendly tripod like the AmazonBasics 60-inch Lightweight Tripod.

Free software:

Video Editing: DaVinci Resolve, Shotcut, and HitFilm Express are some free video editing software that you can use.

Audio Editing: Audacity is a free audio editing software that you can use to enhance your audio quality.

Thumbnail Creation: Canva is a free online design tool that you can use to create eye-catching thumbnails for your videos.

YouTube Analytics: YouTube Studio is a free analytics tool that you can use to track your video performance and audience engagement.

These equipment and software recommendations should give you a good start as a beginner YouTuber. As you progress, you can invest in more advanced equipment and software based on your specific needs and budget.

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